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More than just cheap plastic cameras

A cheap plastic camera doesn’t have to be naked and ugly! Here are some of my works on various ‘toy’ cameras …

Stardust La Sardina : The most girly design I’ve done … a La Sardina for a friend.

Summer Holga : A last minute design for a friend …

Diana’s Butts : A fun design (with a crappy name) Diana+ made specially for ThirtySix’s 1st anniversary.

Woodpecker, Fly : A ‘wooden’ version of the famous Blackbird, Fly camera … made specially for those guys in Superheadz. Camera sponsored by 8storeytree.

Pop Diana+ : A slightly different approach compared to the ‘Woodpecker, Fly’ and Holga cameras I worked on. This time, I decided on a rather ‘raw’ & ‘pop’ look for the design.

Playground Holga : A crazy idea which turned out to be one of my personal favourite.

Woody Holga : My first ever attempt at dressing up a camera. Sold it off in a charity sale.

Postage-free Holga : A stamp covered Holga with a coat of clear paint. It was pretty challenging working with those old stamps as they were very fragile.

*** Here are some other images of dressed up Holga cameras sent to me by readers ***

Owner & designer : Hurlumhej http://www.flickr.com/photos/rynage/
Design name : English Walnut Holgamod

Owner & designer : Jimmy Phua | Singapore http://www.8storeytree.com
Design name : Zebra Holga

Owner & designer : cyanwater | Singapore http://www.cyanwater.com
Design name : Cyan Holga

Owner & designer : Matteo aka lomobarba | Villabella, Italia http://www.flickr.com/photos/lomobarba/
Design name : color.holga

Owner & designer : Konah Zebert | Fayetteville, United States http://www.flickr.com/photos/zebert/
Design name : Bluberry Holga

Owner & designer : sapienz | Singaporehttp://www.flickr.com/photos/disruptiveresistance/
Design name : sapienzHolga

Owner & designer : Naresh Kumar | Singaporehttp://www.nareshinc.com
Design name : Louis Vuitton Holga

Owner & designer : mscrafty | Singaporehttp://mscrafty.livejournal.com/
Design name : Tokidoki Holga

Owner & designer : Jia | Singapore
Design name : Red Floral

Owner & designer : i.am.hAliS | Singapore
Design name : Holga “Dope” GN

Owner & designer : exact-colour | Singapore
Design name : Anti-slip Holga

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