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Spent a lovely afternoon with Jimmy & Noreen at Colbar … a pretty neat place at Whitchurch Rd … not the usual eatery/bar you expect to find. It has this rustic look and deco that reminds us of those ol’ time coffee shops still commonly found in the rural places in Malaysia. Coolness! Okay … before Noreen starts accusing us (LOL!) of planning a drinking session in disguise of a photo shoot outing … let me post some of the non beer related photos …

Found this cute kitty lurking around and decided that it might be a good subject to disguise our Jimmy’s plan. Ooops! I shouldn’t be saying that! These 3 shots were straight out of the X100. Pretty impressive eh? Apart from these digital shots, I did manage to finish a roll of 120 film too. 😀 I’ll post them once I get them back from the lab.

It started to drizzle 15 minutes after we started lunch (plus beer!) and Jimmy was pretending to be upset that we couldn’t start shooting. Hahahaha! He’s a bad actor!!! Luckily the rain stopped 15 minutes later and we took a short … ermm … not very short … walk around … snapping away before crawling back to the Colbar. 😛 We were thirsty!!!

Okay … now that I’ve convinced everyone that we ain’t that hopeless alkies … here are some random shots I took just now. It was my first visit to the Colbar and when I saw (image below) it … I went ‘WHOA!!!’.

I was expecting that they serve only the (boring) local beers but the moment we stepped in … there were two fridges full of imported beer! I stood there for quite a while … didn’t know which to go for. Sorry I was too busy staring and forgot to take a photo of the fridges. 😛

Retro look ain’t it? LOL! A famous Lomographer once had her awesome wedding photos taken here too. Muwahahaha! Guess who it was? 😛

Although the beer was yummy … food there is ermm … so so. Well … with the number of different beers available, food wasn’t that important after all. 😛

Curious as usual … we tried many different types of beer. Not an expert … so I usually go for the ones with cooler looking labels. Vain! 😀

The Brakspear Triple was the most interesting one. Jimmy told me he tried it before and it tastes different when you drink it straight from the bottle compared to it being served in a glass. I tried … and it was really different! Drinking it from the bottle does give it a better (stronger) taste.

I crawled home just in time to fetch Fitzand from the childcare … feeling super duper sleepy. I was suppose to rest and get lots of sleep these couple of days but ended up running all over having fun shooting. 😀 I’m pretty dead tomorrow when I get back to work. 🙁

Time to sign off … get Fitzand to sleep and rest my old brain before I go on medical leave tomorrow (which is quite a good idea, ain’t it?).


  1. jalan hang jebat .cool!

  2. @ichi : Hahahaha! Yeah!

  3. Why my face expression so weird?? Hahha

  4. @Noreen : Weird? Hahahaha! I bet you were going ‘Damn these 2 clowns! Pretending to be upset that it starts raining and they can stay here to drink more beer!’. Hahaha!

  5. eh erm…were Jimmy and Noreen chatting with each other on their phones?! 😛

  6. @nelly : Maybe. Jim said ‘darling … raining. Sad. Can’t shoot!’ … and Noreen replied ‘Bullshit! You must be happy to be stuck here with the beers!’ 😀

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