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After a recent ‘brave’ attempt at converting my black Sprocket Rocket to gold … I was on the hunt for a replacement and Cindy (from ThirtySix) asked me why not wait a couple more days for the white version to arrive. White? Special white edition? Costs more? Grrr!!! How can I ever say ‘no’ to Queen Cyanwater? 😀 Okay … so I collected it a couple of weeks ago but was too busy to unbox it until tonight. Here are some snapshots of it …

As you can see … it ain’t white. Ermm … I mean … not white as in pure white. Do I make sense? It has this milky white tone and the best of it … even the lens cap is white! Whoa!!! Now I have a big problem. Although I like white things but I always hate using them because I know I will definitely turn them grey in no time. Nah … for this … I’m definitely gonna put it to good use. I love the Sprocket Rocket!

Don’t ask me why Hello Kitty is posing behind the camera!

On the digital side … my Pentax DA21mm f3.2AL Limited Silver lens arrived! 😀 Pentax introduced 3 Limited Silver lenses with their silver K-5 but the 21mm is the only one I’ll be getting. Reason being the other two somehow overlaps with my other 2 lenses (the silver 43mm f1.9 & the 77mm f1.8 limited). I ‘recycled’ some money from the sales of some other cameras for this. 😀

What I like about this lens … is the lens hood. Ermm … do I sound vain again? Hahaha! Anyway, this lens … despite not being one with large aperture is a rather good performer. The pancake lens profile probably make it the lens that will be on my K-5 most of the time.

Using filters on this lens is a little troublesome. You can either use a 49mm one with the hood removed or a 43mm filter on the back of the hood (not feasible for filters like a circular polariser).

I was a little bored just now … so a couple more snaps of the 21mm & K-5 combo …

That’s all for a quick post. It is another (&@#!(*&@!* week of horrible working days to come and I’ve gotta go get some rest. Hmm … come to think of it … I’m on leave this coming Thursday!!!


  1. You know you can always buy another black one for usage.

  2. @cyanwater : Don’t you dare try that!!!!!!

  3. LOL – I agree with cyanwater…..
    The silver pancake…ahem…chioness to the max…and erm…why ah…is Klitty there???

  4. @nelly : Stop it!!! When are you going back to work? Hurry up! Your ‘baby’ is waiting! 😀 Kitty ah? I bought that many years ago in Japan and it has been sitting on my desk for years. 😀

  5. cyanwater got a very good point. When it’s white you have to keep it very clean…Get a black one to use.

  6. I’m using the beta set and the white rocket is on display. So I reserve the black rocket for you to collect together with your lc-w?

  7. @Ta : I’m gonna fly there and kick your butt!!!

    @cyanwater : You mean you are giving me your beta set? Awwww … how sweet! 😉

  8. I said black not beta, fuzzy eyeballs! ;p

  9. @cyanwater : No! No! No!

  10. I can’t focus on your camera… I only saw hello kitty… Hahahahha!

  11. @Noreen : Hahahaha! Ok … I’ll go hide her later. The golden fan she was holding is now gone. The paper all got torn after my previous dumbass maid wiped it (the paper fan) too hard with wet (!!!) cloth. Damn.

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