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Since it was a long weekend, I took an additional day off and brought my family for a short stay in Sentosa as we thought flying off for a vacation is a bit too rush (wifey can’t take too many days off). So it was 4 days of fun … doing practically nothing but eating, drinking (yeah!), sleeping and spending lots (and lots) of time on the beach and in the pool. Of course the one who had the most fun was Fitzand who made me play with him in the pool for at least 4 to 5 hours a day. Yeah … I’ve never had so much water outside of me (usually the beer is inside) for so long. 😀

Here are some quick crops of snapshots I took the last few days. The first are some taken while we were waiting for his mommy to get ready to go to the pool …

Little boss was getting a little impatient!

These next 3 shots are my favourite. I told him to send my glasses to the other end of the pool where our bags were and then soon I saw him stopping and … trying on my glasses! LOL!

I’ll try stay awake later to try finish going through the rest of the photos. Meanwhile … I’ll leave you with a couple of very very short video clips of my little boss having fun …


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  1. […] It was quite a wait to get the Fujifilm X-100 at a good price and recently when there was an opportunity to grab one at super good price (don’t ask me who, where or how … as I ain’t suppose to tell) … I didn’t think twice and here are some initial random test shots with it. Well … I have many other shots but they are mostly of my boy and I don’t wanna flood the entry with all of them (but you can see the first few I posted in an earlier entry here). […]

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