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Finally some of the awesome photos that you guys took arrived in my mailbox. I’m trying to find time to compile them and publish them accordingly … so please bear with me while I try get them all online as soon as possible. Hope all of you had fun on that day (though I screwed up badly … and having no photos to upload). 😀 Let’s do it again soon!

’36 In 12′ is a simple photo challenge (though pretty stressful to complete) whereby each participant will shoot 3 photos every hour from 9am til 9pm. The idea is to capture what the person sees or do at that particular hour and it was great to see friends from different parts of the world participating in it. 🙂

Here are links to the photos in no particular order …

EvaEva (Malaysia)

mephisto (Germany)

phee (Singapore)

fabyen (France)

PQ (Singapore)

Irorus (Singapore)

kaxdd (Singapore)

Lye Heng (Singapore)


… and here are those (including myself) who did a re-shoot on the 23rd April 2011

ndroo (Singapore)

Nelly (Singapore)

Jenni (USA)

… also there are the miscellaneous submissions

Sapphire St. (Malaysia)




  1. im with u 🙂

  2. @noreen : With me in the ‘screwed up whole roll’ division eh? LOL! The thought of that is oh so sad. Let’s redo it soon after your project ok? Now please go bug Jim to send me his entries! 😀

  3. @ndroo… obviously he is ignoring u… LOL

  4. @noreen : Why!!! I am sure he has completed the 36 frames!!! Is he acting blur so that we can redo the shoot and meet up at the same place? 😀

  5. Next time I’ll be using a more reliable camera….

  6. @Ta : Whoa! That’s one cute camera! I’m sure it will be in your buying list … or has it already arrived? 😀

  7. wow!this is hard for me!never think to do something like this.oh well!time to do some shooting

  8. @Nizam : Wanna join a few of us in a re-shoot of the same challenge? 😀

  9. Andrew, I got it yonks ago so no casualty this time! 😉
    It has pikachu frame filter…very cool.

  10. @Ta : Cool! Maybe it is time you hunt for more! I’ll keep you posted should I come across any new poison. Deal?

  11. Arghhhhhhhh Andrew…No, not this month. I’ll report your blog harmful otherwise


  12. […] You can view my submissions in the ‘36 In 12 Gallery‘. […]

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