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Frankly … I was almost bored to death during my trip to Malaysia for the Lunar New Year recently. Luckily I managed to get my dad to make a trip to the store to get me a prepaid internet access SIM card. However … I was still super busy having to look after Fitzand and trying to recover from hangovers. 😛

In between these stuffs … I finished a roll of the Lomo Chrome 100 Xpro film (in a week). It was actually meant to be a roll of ‘first exposures’ … something I thought of doing when I didn’t know what to shoot on the first day there. I saw this little strip of negative that was in my backpack … meant to be used when retrieving film lead (with double sided tape) and inspired by my earlier attempt at using film strips as ‘canvas’ … I completed the first exposures and then (luckily) managed to finish shooting the 2nd exposure here in Singapore. Unfortunately … some of the 2nd exposures seemed to have gone missing but still I’m loving the results!

The first exposure was shot with a cheap old EOS88 SLR with a Nikon macro lens (using an adapter) and the 2nd exposure was shot using a Lomo LC-A+.

There are some shots (like this one above) that made me wonder what happened to the 2nd exposure. Don’t tell me my LC-A+ is dying???!!!!

I did a -1 exposure compensation when shooting the first exposure on the SLR but I didn’t do any compensation on my LC-A+. Why? That’s because I suspect my LC-A+ is a little screwed (!!!) and underexposes shots even with brand new batteries. Guess that’s a blessing in disguise because I love doing double exposures and I’m always forgetting to perform exposure compensation using the ISO settings. 😛


  1. Wow..absolutely awesome idea and great photos!

  2. Awesome AWESOME awesome Awesome!! 😀

  3. great stuff man.

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  5. @wynth : Thank you.

    @Wie : Thanks a lot. Sorry your comment somehow went into the spam folder. Hahaha. I’ve approved it now. Thanks for dropping by.

    @Ben : Thanks 😉

  6. AWESOME!!!!! 😀

  7. PHOWAR. superb stuff yo! 😀 always love to read your webpage ;D

  8. @Rachel : Thank you very much.

  9. Wonderful stuff as usual Andrew. Congrats btw. For what? Check it out here-

  10. @killyrbf : Thanks. Oh the book! I’ve yet to lay my hands on a copy. I do remember they said they were going to send me one. 😀

  11. Nice effect and interesting…but don’t get how you able to get negative expose with image inside?

  12. @Gwrn : Thank you. It is actually very simple. I’ll try do a ‘how to’ entry with some images if I can find the time but meanwhile … this is what I did …

    1. Take shots of the film strip placed in different places. Make sure the film strip is dark … which means you can either use those film leads that have no images on them … or just use marker pen to darken the strip. Make sure you compensate the exposure when shooting … as you do not want to overexpose it later.

    2. Reload the roll of film and shoot the 2nd exposure. This 2nd exposure will then (hopefully) ‘fill in’ the dark parts (ie. the film strip)

    Hope this is clear enough … I ain’t good at explaining.

  13. u mean use film leads that have no images so i can use film that not expose but already developed film lah? err…act i still blur…it will be good when you do a ‘how to’ entry explain step by step…please please….thank you…

  14. @gwen : Yes. Yeah developed ones will do. I used those. As long as they are dark. That’s why I suggested using a black marker to darken it further for better results. Let me try find time to get the ‘how to’ done tonight.

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  16. @gwen : I’ve just added an entry on how this was done. 🙂

  17. Cool! I actually missed this entry!

  18. @cyanwater : How can you?!!! Well … I’m sure you were blinded by all the X100 temptations. Right? 😉

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