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Almost the end of a great Saturday! After meeting up with some friends to arrange for a short getaway next month, we dropped by to check out a cool exhibition titled FACES by Miun (aka Noreen) at The Little Dorm store. We were supposed to be there at 3pm but the little one fell asleep in the car and I had to wait for him while he enjoy his nap in the carpark. We arrived at the exhibition at 4pm and was told that it closes at 430pm! Phew! Glad we still had time. It is a very impressive exhibition and you guys should check it out.

There are some cool and unique ‘parts’ for sale … made by the artist herself. I let Fitzand pick one and he immediately went for the mouth. Hahaha! While enjoying a slice of cake there (yummy!), I suddenly found something sticking out of my bag. I went ‘huh!’ and thought Fitzand shoved another on of the eye/nose/mouth there! I’ll be grilled by the security! Then I pulled it out to take a look and was surprised that it was a specially made fuzzy eyeball piece made for me by the artist! Whoa! She’s great!

Fitzand also picked a cute plastic piggy bank for himself. He has been bugging me for coins since then.

Right outside the exhibition … there are some nice place to chillout and so I decided to … ermm … chillout with some beer. Hahaha! We had about 2 hours to kill because his mommy who was supposed to go shopping nearby … told us that she decided to go for a facial session.

See my little piggy and his happy face after buying the little piggy bank and some yummies …

Miun/Noreen joined us for a meet-the-fans session and as usual … Fitzand got to meet his favourite ‘jie jie’ (sister). He was still asking where she went after the session ended.

I didn’t take any photo inside the exhibition as I believe you guys should go check it out yourselves. Here’s just a tiny little ‘sneak peek’ … with my little one and the artist … outside the place …

What we forgot was to ask for her autograph! Anyway … it is still going on and go show your support! 😉


  1. Thank q!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. @Norya : The pleasure is all mine. 😀 Great work! Love it! Fitzand was asking me before bed … why we have never been to that place (Dorm store) and when we are going to ThirtySix. Hahaha! Guess me missed the other ‘child’ (aka you!). Haha!

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