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From the hands of the very talented friend, Noreen (aka Miun) … the artist who made me my coffin *cough* … here comes a very interesting exhibition that I thought many of you might be interested. I’ll be checking it out this coming weekend with my family and perhaps pick up an eye or two … or perhaps a mouth or nose?

the little drom store presents ‘F A C E S’ by illustrator/artist Miun

Faces is an interactive, conceptual artwork exploring human faces.

Limited hand-sewn eye, nose and mouth pins would be available for sale during the exhibition! Every pin is different!

Where and when?

the little drΓΆm store
7 ann siang hill

From 15.10.2010 till 7.11.2010

Everyday – 11am to 9pm except

Thur – 11am to 7pm

Sat – 11am to 4pm

Check out her Facebook invite.


  1. heheheheh… thanks Q ndroo!!!!

  2. Ohhh nice more pics from the gallery please πŸ™‚

  3. @noreen : The pleasure is mine. Cya there!

    @Mijonju : The pro photographer aka cyanwater will be covering the event shoot. Let’s wait for some awesome photos from her.

  4. no leh… cyan say the pic is for her onw keeping…. hahahahahahah

  5. *own

  6. @noreen : WTF? For real? Maybe you should consider paying her. We don’t call them pros for no reason. Let me to threaten her. Muwahahaha!

  7. I didn’t shoot the event la. Just some pics for her as folio. Btw, I’m so kind, already passed them to her regardless how bad she bullied me!

    @ mijonju: don’t think you’ll get to see the pics until end of exhibition. πŸ˜›

  8. @cyanwater : Awww! I thought you covered everything from the setup til completion. Will be cool to see the photos. Okay … will stay tuned to the photos after the exhibition. Checking it out this coming weekend. πŸ™‚

  9. hahahhaahah …… MY DARLING NO2 IS THE BEST!!!!!…. blame ndroo… he is the one that bullied u….

  10. @noreen : Who bullied the Queen? Not me! I’m her biggest fan, ya know? πŸ˜€

  11. WE LOVE JLD!!!!!!!!!

  12. […] up with some friends to arrange for a short getaway next month, we dropped by to check out a cool exhibition titled FACES by Miun (aka Noreen) at The Little Dorm store. We were supposed to be there at 3pm but the little one fell […]

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