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I somehow suspect the metering on my LC-A+ is a little crazy now … after the couple of rolls screwed up during my doubles exchange with Fabienne from France. That was because I underexposed my rolls and they ended up darker than they should be and almost all my exposures were not visible. I forgot about that matter when I loaded a roll of redscale film into my LC-A+ during my Tokyo trip recently. Gosh. I was a little worried when I remembered that I didn’t do any compensation (of exposure) for the roll but fortunately most of the shots turned out okay. Some of them might look a little under but I kinda like the mood they project. No … that’s not a consolation for myself. 😀

With a pair of fuzzy and sleepy eyes … I forced myself to finish scanning it tonight before more stuffs get into the backlog of tasks.

This one above is my favourite from this roll.

Fitzand asked me why I placed my camera on the floor for the next photo …

The following one is also one of my favourite. I have totally no idea what the weird ‘texture’ is in the photo because all I remember was that I took a quick snap of that ship and it ends up a little (or a lot?) cooler than just a shot of a ship.

Looking at too much redscale photos … hurt my eyes a little. 😛

If my old brain has not totally shutdown by now … I think I do have one more roll from the trip to be scanned. I’ll go dig it out this coming weekend and see how it goes.

For those who do not already know what redscale film is … you can check out some DIY guide I did here. For these photos above, I used the redscale film from Lomography as I didn’t have time to go DIY some.


  1. Nice set….looking forward to your DIY red scale from the Fuji Press which we bought .

  2. @Jer : Thanks. Yeah I’ve been waiting to try redscale on the Fuji Press film for some time already. Life is just too busy when everything seems to be screaming to be on top priority. Hahaha!

  3. i like! makes me wan to shot red scale 🙂

  4. @lawry : Oh yeah! Redscale is fun!

  5. It should be called orange scale not red. haha

  6. @cyanwater : Next roll of redscale will be DIY-ed. The Lomo ones always gimme these orangy results.

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