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Ever since Pentax announced that their K-x DSLR will come in a variation of colors, I’ve always respected them for ‘having the balls’ to break away from the norm (black! black! black!). I got tempted with a couple of the color schemes but ended up with an all white one.

Pentax Japan just announced a limited edition ‘Rainbow K-x’ and will only be available for sale on Tower Record’s Japan website. It costs 74,800 Yen and is limited to only 1000 pieces. I like the crazy wild color combo but I guess it will look really weird for an old man with a rainbow colored DSLR eh? 😀 I’ll stick to my all white one for now (or at least until I lose my mind).

This reminds me of the earlier limited edition one which some says is ugly … but I kinda love it lots. 😀 Too bad it was already sold out (real fast).

Now all I wish is that Olympus will pick up this ‘trend’ and introduce their next Pen series in all sorts of colors. Hmmm. Then it will be hell trying to decide which one eh?


  1. I don’t think you want fitzand snatching it away from you if you had picked the colourful one.

  2. @cyanwater : Yeah he is sure to grab it. I don’t mind him playing with it as long as he doesn’t drop it. Somehow, he still like my LC-A+ more than these digital ones. Maybe it is the ‘CLACK!’ sound it makes.

  3. Fuzzy Eye balls

  4. @Mijonju : Calling me? 😀

  5. i tot Fitz likey fishy more

  6. clack clack clack ~~ i kinda got addicted to that ‘sound’ it makes. but of course i wouldn’t want my pentax to have that kinda sound 😛 hehe

  7. @noreen : Oh yeah! Hahaha! Now that you’ve reminded me … he sure like the FE2 more than LCA.

    @carrie : Nothing beats the ‘CLACK!’ sound from the good ol’ analogue cams eh?

  8. omg, love it!

  9. @Linnea : That’s quite a beauty, ain’t it?

  10. oh, but white is quite ok too 🙂

  11. oh, but white is quite ok too, not as common as black 🙂

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