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Here’s a roll from my collaboration with Fabienne Elisabeth from France … that took almost forever. Haha! I’ve been sitting on the rolls she sent me (no … don’t try to joke about the rolls being flat!) and got to shoot them only during the weekends. Unfortunately one of the roll somehow got screwed up (sorry Fab) and only a roll survived. I didn’t have time to go out shooting, so you probably find my subjects just ordinary stuffs around my home. 😀

* for the pano format photos … please click on them to view a slightly larger version

There are lots of crazy overlaps but I love scanning them in a pano format to have a long strip of messy stuffs, there are some cases of some of our exposures overpowering the other … and some which I think are pretty good. 😛

Check out more about Fabienne thru these links …

Fab has been pretty busy, so I’ll just wait patiently for her to finish the 2 rolls I sent her. (Fab … take your time, there’s no rush). It has been fun doing this collaboration with her and I’m looking forward to another one soon.


  1. Nice to have someone from overseas to collaborate. :}

  2. Cool man!

  3. @Bone : Yeah, it’s always cool to have someone to collab with. Been a while since I’ve done a collab with someone locally. Game enough for one?

    @Patrick : Thanks. Hey this time no leak for the mystery product in LSI? 😀 Saw some photos of a gold (ugly) one. Not sure if it’s for real.

  4. Gold, don’t know. I heard that there is gonna be a weird shape….

  5. @Patrick : I’ve just posted the image of the gold one that some claim to be the mystery product. Let’s all hope that ain’t true. I don’t mind seeing a weird shape camera though.

  6. Hah! Of course i don’t mind to collaborate with you.
    Just that i don’t have the confidence making it good. 😐
    Anyway, i’m still an amateur. Which is a true fact.

  7. @Bone : Cool! Well we don’t need confidence for these. Just shoot and pray. That’s what I do. LOL!

  8. Too Kewl!
    Love them all.

  9. That’s hopeful. :}

  10. @Ta : Thanks

    @Bone : Let me know if you wanna do it. We’ll start with 1 roll. 😀

  11. aww nice! i really like the 5th one nicely skinned lc-a too his or yours?

  12. @Mijonju : Thanks. The LC-A+ is mine. I got the skin from Aki-asahi. 😀

  13. Wow…nice collab! The 5th shot for me…great!

  14. @Jer : Thanks. Been a while since I’ve seen you shooting with film. Given up and gone to the wonderful digital world already? 😛

  15. @ Ndroo: I am still shooting film, just cannot find time to finish the leftover frames.

  16. @Jer : Okay … we’ll wait patiently for you to finish the rolls. 😀

  17. […] from Fabienne (who did a couple of rolls of doubles collab with me recently … check it out here). She was so nice as to send me another roll after hearing that one of the roll she sent me got […]

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