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Dumpling, Postcards

The postcards …

Just remembered a couple days ago that I’ve yet to send in my submission for January’s ‘The Art Of Waiting‘ project. The roll for that month is fermenting in the fridge as I’m typing this and the 2nd roll (for February) is almost done. Ain’t the type who can write much, so you’ll just find some random scribbles on these two DIY postcards that will be popped into the mailbox tomorrow morning … heading to Canada.

I can hardly wait (still perfecting the art of waiting :D) for the other 10 rolls to be done and get them all developed. Hmm. It’s a very weird feeling trying to rush the days to go by faster (although I do that during working weekdays) but since I’ve put in so much effort into this project (which some might have read that it incorporates my personal photo project for the year) … I am eager to see how it will all turn out. 12 months … 12 rolls … and that makes 144 photos (if I don’t screw up any of them).

About a week ago, a friend sent me a message through MSN Messenger … asking why am I not taking much photos with my film/toy cameras lately. Hahaha! No … I haven’t given up or abandoned my film/toy cameras. It is just that I’ve been spending more time with my family and also busy with The Art Of Waiting project. I won’t go into details about what I’m shooting or doing but it is not just about taking photos. I’m incorporating several other elements into the process as part of my personal project … and thus lots of time went into planning and executing them. Now that I’m getting used to it, I should have more time to play with other cameras, take more analogue photos and perhaps experiment more.

The dumpling …

Fitzand handed me a little plastic bag with a red packet when I fetched him from childcare this evening. He told me that he as a dumpling. Huh? A dumpling??!! He told me that the teacher taught them to make dumplings (as part of the Chinese New Year activities) this morning and went into details about how the ‘press press press’ the dough and had peanut fillings in the dumpling. I took a look at it and burst into laughter. Look at the dumpling …

Oh God! What a strange colored dumpling! Orange flavoured one? I asked his teacher if it was edible and she told me of course it is edible but might be pretty hard/tough by then because it was made in the morning. So we took the dumpling home because Fitzand wanted to show it to his mommy before eating it. After dinner, he took a bite and immediately abandoned it. Hahahaha! Guess it must be pretty tough! He said ‘play dough!’ before he placed the dumpling back on the plate and ran into his room to play. I’m down with flu (and lost my voice) … so I didn’t wanna try eating it … in case stomachache comes calling tonight. 😀

I’ll go get some rest now and hope I can recover before the Chinese New Year holidays this coming weekend. I’ll leave you with two leftover photos from last Saturday when we were out having some drinks and early dinner with friends …

Not satisfied with just making a poor man out of me by selling me toy/Lomo cameras … Jimmy (the boss of ThirtySix/8storeytree) tried to tempt Fitzand with the iPhone!

Gosh! Fitzand seemed to be impressed with it! Argh! Luckily I have the iPod Touch and Fitzand still can’t really differentiate between both of them.

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