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By • Oct 4th, 2008 • Category: Others

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I’ve been toying with the idea of selling off these three customized Holga cameras for some time and finally, I have decided to put them out for sale here. 100% of the sales amount will go to charity of your choice. Please do consider ‘adopting’ them for charity and contact me for viewing and sale. If you are residing in Singapore, I would gladly accept cheques made payable to the charity of your choice. Overseas customers can pay me through PayPal and I’ll send you copies of the receipts once I make payment to the charity organizations.

The ‘Wooden’ Holga : USD$120 [ SOLD ]
Customized using high quality durable material for that classic wooden feel, using an all-white Holga.

The ‘Stampy’ Holga : USD$120 [ SOLD ]
Customized using real stamps from my old collection and covered with a layer of clear paint coating.

The Lego Holga : USD$150 [ SOLD ]
The amazingly cool Holga customized with 1×1 Lego blocks. Features flip down viewfinder cover and specially made shutter release button.

Buy all three designs and enjoy a special price of only USD$350

Photography lovers, camera collectors and anyone who loves unique customized cameras are welcomed to do you bit for charity and at the same time, own these beautiful unique design cameras. Only 1 piece of each design will ever be done … so you can be assured of owning the most unique Holgas.

Thank you for reading and do spread the word to your friends and families.

* I will bear the cost of packaging and shipping locally and internationally


Update : Sold out

A big thanks to everyone for their support and of course not forgetting those guys at 8storeytree store who snapped up the last unit of my Holga (Wooden Design). Appreciate it!

A cheque made payable to a local charity organization will be made out as soon as I work out all the payments collected.

Update :

I have made a donation (through credit card) of all monies collected from the sale of these 3 cameras to the Singapore Children’s Society. Singapore Children’s Society is an independent and non-profit organisation that relies entirely on the goodwill and support of the public. Again, thanks for all the support and encouragement.



  1. @Miko : No worries. My pleasure.

  2. @ndroo. where did u get the wood veneer(i suck at spelling).

  3. Aah, I just love your cameras! Please let me know if it’s possible to buy one from you 🙂 specially fell in love with the Lego camera. Best regards from Norway!

  4. @Caroline : Thank you very much for the interest. Unfortunately these cameras were all sold within days of this charity sale. I’m working on a few more and hope I can get them done in the near future for another charity sale. Stay tuned.

  5. hey! it’s amazing what you do! customizing such wonderful cameras and then selling them for charity. I would LOVE to buy one from you (: I hope there will be more in the future

  6. @renee : Unfortunately everything in my life has been taking almost all of my free time and I’m still hunting high and low for some spare time to work on some new ideas.

  7. i love the wooden holga. im taking a photo class this year that requires s film camera and i would really want to buy one like it. how’d you make it.?

  8. @mindi : Thanks. All you need to make one like that … is roll of self adhesive wooden pattern material that they use for furniture covering and a lot of patience. A hair dryer helps a lot to soften the material especially when it comes to the corners.

  9. oh geeze. so you took the time to cut all the pieces and put them onto the camera.? where do they sell wooden pattern material.? haha.

  10. @mindi : Yeah it was a bit tedious but fun. You can find those material in DIY shops.

  11. whats a DIY shop.? hahaha.

  12. @mindi : Errr …. maybe ‘DIY shop’ is not the correct term for it. LOL. I meant those shops that sell DIY stuffs and tools … paint, nails etc etc. They usually have coverings for furnitures and stuffs.

  13. Hey,hi Ive been wanting to buy a customisd holga camera, do you sell them here, In MALAYSIA.

  14. @Iman : Thank you for your interest. I do sell my custom Holgas to anyone … anywhere in the world. The last batch I sold went as far as the Philippines. I don’t have any for sale at the moment but I’m sure some day soon there will be some (when I can find time to do them). 🙂

  15. Hi ! I’m interested to customize my diana, can you tell me what kind of glue (brand name) are you using?
    Thanks in advanced !

  16. Hi! I’m interested to customize my diana, can you tell me what kind of glue (brand name) are you using?
    Thanks in advanced !

  17. @hands-on : Which one are you referring to? The ‘wooden’ one didn’t require any glue as the material was self-adhesive. The stamp one … I used UHU glue but the final product was covered in 2 layers of clear paint. The lego one was made using regular super glue. 🙂 I usually try out how well the glue can work first before starting work on any of these.

  18. Oh…I’m referring to the lego & the button, cos when i tried the regular super glue on something it doesn’t work well & dry out fast…and when i pull out the button it kind of look even uglier… 🙁
    And the paint you mentioned is which kind of paint?
    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  19. @hands-on : Yeah you have to work fast when using super glue. Hahaha! A little stressful sometimes. The paint is those normal clear paint that you can get everywhere.

  20. I have a feeling that you started something big with that LEGO Holga. Check this monster out –

  21. @killyrbf : Yeah I’ve seen that. That one is the big momma!!! Cool stuff!!!

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