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My favourite photos taken with the Lensbaby 2.0 & Lensbaby 3G lenses. Stay tuned … this gallery is still under construction … please drop by again soon …


  1. Lovin’ your lensbaby gallery. I may have to get one of these, we’ll see. Which lenses do you have?

  2. @Jenni : Thanks a lot. I have both the Muse and the Composer and I own the optic kit which means the double glass, single glass, plastic as well as the pinhole. It is a really fun ‘toy’ to own. I’ve always recommended the Muse to friends because that one gives the best fun and feel of how the original Lensbaby behaved.

  3. Been wanting to try a lensbaby for a while but cannot find hahahha.. the SFO thing looks really awesome! wonder if we can do the masking effect using normal dslr lenses

  4. @nic : You should give it a go and let us know the results.

  5. Love Love Love your images. Love image No.9.
    Your customised cameras are fantastic too.

  6. @Jeni : Thank you. Are you a Lensbaby user/fan as well?

  7. hello!! have you tried the lens baby composer? i love the effects (shown on their website) but i\’m not sure if that is really what the products would turn out to be. my lecturer told me that she bought one a few months ago but sent it back cos she didn\’t like how it turned out, and that it was a lil user unfriendly. i am still undecided on buying it cos i\’m still a struggling student ): will you please advise? hahahha thanks truckloads 😛

  8. @prince_(: : Yeah I do have the Composer. I love it lots! I have no idea why your lecturer find it user unfriendly … as it is the easiest to use among the other Lensbaby products. Really. You don’t even have to hold it still after ‘bending’ it. Most of us Lensbaby old fans still prefer the bendy ones like the Muse too. I can’t help you decide but I’d say that for lots of creativity options (that Photoshop won’t be able to emulate 100%) … the Lensbabies are way cool!

  9. Hi ndroo,

    I love your blog and your photography. You inspire me to go out there and experiment! I love the images of the cat. I was just wondering which lens baby you used on what camera? I am looking to use a similar effect for a project at school. Those pictures you took of the cat remind me of the demekin fish eye camera which is my favourite camera but now film is becoming ultra rare and expensive and seeing those images gives me hope again that i can take the same sort of pictures once more 🙂

    Thank you.

  10. @Ajay : Thank you for visiting. I’m glad you are inspired to experiment. More details about the shot of the cat can be found here in an old blog entry

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