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Okay … so we have around 10 more days til the deadline (31 August 2009) to submit the 36 images for the challenge … and here are some info on how to go about sending them to me. Please get your rolls of film developed and scaned before sending me the image files. Do not send me the rolls of film. Hahaha!

1. Resize your images, making sure the longer side is 600px. Sending large images might take forever and I’ll be half dead trying to resize all of them later.

2. Zip up the 36 images using WinZip/WinRAR if possible.

3. Send the zipped file to me using and address it to my email at ndroo* (remember to replace the * with @)

4. Remember to include these info when you are sending the file(s) using YouSendIt …

. Your name + nick (if you wish to use one)

. Location (where you are from)

. Your email address (so I can hunt you down if you win the mystery prize)

. Camera used

. Film used

5. Drop a comment in this blog entry to let me know that you’ve submitted the photos.

Some told me that the word ‘one subject’ is a little vague. Hmm. How do I explain this? Okay, take for example … my subject is a doll. I will have to make sure all the 36 exposures contain images of that doll. Simple? Do not use themes like ‘nature’ instead. What we are looking for are subjects … like your watch, your cat, your beer can …

As this is a 36 Frames challenge, you will need to send me ALL the 36 frames from that roll … even if some of them turn out totally dark (touch wood!) or washed out.

Double exposures, triple exposures or anything … as long as the same subject is there … you’ve got it right!

Simple ain’t it? It’s getting very exciting just by imagining how everyone is gonna ‘transform’ this one single subject into 36 frames. The weekend is approaching … so load your cameras and start snapping! I am hoping I can do two rolls for this challenge … but I’ll have to see how much time I have this weekend to execute them. 😀

Cindy (cyanwater) … the Lomography Queen and Zann (saklas) will be our judges for this challenge.

Til the next update … happy shooting! Do drop me an email if you need more info.


  1. I’m shooting this weekend! What fun! I have the subject picked out and ready to go.

  2. @Lo : That’s cool. I’ve to make sure I finish my roll(s) this weekend too.

  3. wooo! will try to shoot this coming week. hopefully got time to participate in this one 🙂

  4. @sumlom : Great! I’m sure you can make it this time.

  5. […] shooting … it’s time to load your cameras and fire away! Details on submission is here. Deadline is on the 31st August 2009 … so remember to submit your photos early. The White […]

  6. accks time is running out!!!

  7. @quaisoir : Tic toc … tic toc … stop surfing and start shooting! 😛

  8. I just sent in my entry! I can’t wait!

  9. @Laura : Thanks! You are the first to submit. Cool! Also … lovely photos! I’ll get them uploaded to a private gallery before sending you a link to view them.

  10. submitting…. in 5 mins… bwhahahha

  11. @norya : Got them! Looks good!

  12. submitted! 🙂

  13. @Crystal : Cool! Got it! Thanks. Good luck!

  14. submitted! (:

  15. @Qiaozhi : Got it! Thanks for the submission.

  16. hi andrew, i just “yousendit” my entries for 36 framesII project. let me know if u got it? thanks!

  17. i am so lost. how to you send it?? no idea.

  18. @lawry : Got it! Thanks

    @solace : Have you resized the photos? Resize them to 400px on the longer side. Then zip them up and go to and then attach the zipped file. In the receipient column … just put ndroo[at] … remember to replace the [at] with @ … add me in MSN messenger if u nid more info.

  19. just sent. Hopefully I am not too late (:

  20. @together_serena : Of course it’s not too late. It’s not midnight yet. 😀

  21. Hi, Just sent you my photos for the challenge. Hope i’m in time! Big fan of your work and website. Thanks for the competition. Had fun (:

  22. @mattlee : Hi Matt. I’ve just received your file. Thanks & good luck!

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