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It has been quite a crazy and hectic challenge but still three participants (excluding myself) managed to send in their entries on time. A few others who told me that they were gonna join in the challenge … suddenly disappeared. Anyway … I’ve just managed to upload all the entries and here they are in no particular sequence …

More info about the 36 Frames challenge … click here.

Click here to view submissions from doublechin

Click here to view submissions from norya aka Noreen

Click here to view submissions from ymmij aka Jimmy Phua

and finally … click here for my own submissions 😀

I’m sure we’ve all had fun (though pretty tired) and hope we can do it again real soon and also hopefully more friends will join us in this exciting challenge.


  1. let’s do it again!!

  2. @ymmij : Sure! We’ll do it again soon.

  3. Wow…nice! So am I one of the lost soul in this project? Haha…Did try to shoot but in the end my camera goes to my baby again. I think I shall give this a shot on my own time own target!

  4. haha.. the reason why there was a deadline becos we didnt want to be influenced by looking at another’s interpretation of the themes. 😉

  5. 1 vote for doublechin (winner)

  6. 2 votes for doublechin (winner)

    * Note : Winner will buy us all beer

  7. @Jer : Own time own target? That takes away all the fun already.

  8. 3 votes for doublechin (winner)

    * Note : thank q Mr Chin for the beer

  9. WoW! Thanks for the encouragement. So many “votes”, not sure what to do with it. Oh! wait, I can buy stuff from 8storeytree.Yeah!

    See you there!

  10. of cos u can buy stuffs from 8storeytree. in fact, you can buy stuffs even without these votes. 😛

  11. @ymmij : You will need to bring in some super hot rangefinders into the 8storeytree store for doublechin.

  12. @ymmij & noreen : I heard doublechin is sponsoring all the wine for our dinner on Wednesday. Yay! Quick thank him.

  13. ooo… thanks dc! need us to go earlier to choose the wine?

  14. @ymmij : Yes … please do come earlier. Since the wine will all be on him … we’ll just tell the boss we want the best (although we wont know the difference) and most expensive ones. Thank you Mr Doublechin! Long live Doublechin! Yay!

  15. My chin just died!

  16. @doublechin : I am not sure if you are aware that we do not give a damn about your chins … all we need is your credit card to settle the wine bill tomorrow night. Thank you in anticipation.

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