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It was last night that I decided to post this WANTED : DEAD OR ALIVE blog entry. Having picked up Fitzand from childcare and in a rush to meet some friends, I forgot to check his bag to see if his ‘buddy’ was in it. Yeah, his ‘buddy’ … this cute teddy bear in yellow clothings. Luckily I remembered to look for the bear when I reached the car and was shocked to find it missing. Glad the childcare was still open and I rushed back (with Fitzand in my arms) looking for it. The teachers told me it should be in the bag already, so I ran back to the car to look for it … in case my old fuzzy eyes missed it earlier.

No. It wasn’t there! OMG! Fitzand is gonna cry for days or weeks if it goes missing! So I ran back to the childcare again to get the teachers to start a bear-hunt. The 2 teachers looked around and asked each other if they’ve seen it. Negative. My heart almost stopped beating. Then I ran back to the car again to take a look. This time … the moment I reached the car … I heard one of the teacher shouting at me “bear is here! it’s here!”. Oh my! What a relief! So we quickly ran back and brought the bear home. By that time … I was drenched in sweat from all the running (and panic).

I remember buying it from a small florist in Thomson Medical Center on the day that Fitzand was born … 2 years ago.

This little bear has been with Fitzand everywhere he goes. From Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Japan … this bear has always been with him. He refers to the bear as ‘yellow bear bear’. Since he attended childcare, the bear will follow him everyday and at the end of the day, the teachers will help him pack the bear into his bag.

So I am seeking the help of everyone out there to let me know where they’ve seen such a bear, so I can buy one (or two) as spares. Haha. Yeah. Spare teddy bears! I’ve looked all over for an identical one but no luck so far. Not only in case the only one goes missing … but also during days when we need to let the bear take a bath in the washing machine. Now, we can only wash the bear after Fitzand goes to bed just to make sure he can see the bear when he wakes up.

Appreciate your help in this nationwide search. Do help spread the word. As a ‘reward’ … I’ll get Fitzand to make a personalized big THANK YOU card for the one who help ‘find’ the bear. Oh well … I’ll buy him/her a round of beer (okay, coffee is another option) too.


  1. wahahaha. lovely father. wah~ good good good 🙂

    i’ll keep a look out.
    did you try going to kalms?

  2. ermmm….. sound very serious… will look out for u too……

  3. hahahaha… bear hunting season begins!

  4. no tags at all ar? /faint

  5. Interestingly this entry remind me of the book review “Winkie” I did back in Nov 2006. Very similar storyline … lol.

  6. @ymmij : Yeah. We removed the tag when we bought it. So now it’s an unidentified little fella. 🙁

  7. @Wilfrid : ‘Winkie’? It’s about a missing bear? Haha. Sounds interesting. Maybe I’ll go check it out for inspiration.

  8. My niece has a bear she never leaves behind too. No use getting a brand new one because they can tell or smell the difference!

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